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Everything you create has a spirit. I make my products from love and attention to detail. I created my own spiritual botanica because I wanted to make authentic products that contained real herbs, oils, and curios. I did not like purchasing the synthetic brands of oils that contained mineral oil and food coloring. The reason the products take a few weeks to ship is because we make everything from scratch.  The powders that were being sold were colorful and smelt nice, but they had no herbs or plant life in them.  Everything I was purchasing had no real life or spiritual essence. I look for fresh plants, dry my own plants, and authentic oils, and scent from around the world. You can be rest assured that your items will be blessed by me before they leave my home. Thank you for your continued support and be blessed.

Erzulie’s Jewels was created from my passion of African/spiritual jewelry. I was constantly being asked where I purchased my rings and bracelets. I always had a passion for representing the diaspora wherever I go. I selected pieces that represent the spirit of Vodou and African concepts of wealth ,power, and regeneration. The pieces like the clear quartz can be charged to protect yourself from negative energy. The cowrie shell pieces represent the endless wealth of lasirene and the wealth of east Africa. Serpents that represent the power of renewal and sensuality. Gold that represents the endless wealth of the continent of Africa. Our culture is rich with spirituality, mysticism, and beauty. Continue to adorn your soul.

Priestess Sabree

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