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I am proud to have mentored number of souls into getting closer to their path. My job is to help you connect deeper with your spiritual court and build a better understanding of your spiritual system. The biggest is taking action and allowing your inner guidance to grow.


are you aware that you are unique like a fogureprint. Your spiritual system is a Khalid’s ope of ancestral, and other systems into one. Your spiritual path is unique, and you should embrace that and k is how to work with it. 

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the voice within you starts off feeling low, inaudiae, or confusing, but I will help you to understand it. I will give you the tools and the rituals to bring you closer to your divine spiritual court 


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ypu will be given homework that will challenge your routine and how you perceive the spiritual realm to be. 

leach session will be 1 hour long for the next 6 weeks. We will meet via zoom either during the mornings or evenings. You will be able to text me once a week


You can schedule two appointments a week, but it’s best if you do it once a week for the next 6 weeks. The last two sessions can be scheduled for the last week.