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Damballah Head Cleansing Kit

In honor of PaPa Damballah Wedo, the purpose of cleansing your head with scared herbs is to bring clarity, calmness, and strength. During difficult times in our personal lives and careers our minds can be cloudy and it becomes very difficult to make important decisions and complete projects. For a deeper head cleansing this must be done in person and can vary from 1 to 3 days. Lave Tet in Vodou is the first step to becoming initiated in Vodou. Please schedule a lwa consultation to see when we can start your Leve Tet.

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    Chelsea J.
    United States United States

    A Necessity

    I am impressed at how much clarity. I've received after doing this cleanse. I can feel damballah’s healing energy and wisdom all over this product. It really helped me to have better judgment, and give my attention to things that need to be addressed. I can't see myself going without this product long-term. It's now apart of my weekly routine! Thank you Sabree for taking the time to make this for the betterment of other’s lives. Blessings!

    United States United States


    I took this ceremony, along with the tea bath and felt the stress melt off my head. Been feeling compelled to cleanse myself, and I’m glad I did. Refreshed is an understatement. Will definitely be repurchasing!

    Francine L.
    United States United States


    I was feeling stuck and drained, I’m not gonna lie I was doing baneful workings everyday for a while and I was beginning to be in a funk things that were once mine were snatched from me I felt like I had it in my hands and BAM it was gone… mentally I was all over the place and couldn’t focus … I got this amazing head wash and the spiritual tea bath from three hoodoo sisters I added block buster and road opening oils also from three hoodoo sisters I’ve been on 4 interviews since last week and I got what was snatched from me back. Everything is clear I’m not so mad And furious I don’t get easily aggravated anymore… and it was a damn EXORCISM IN A BOTTLE YOU HAVE TO BUY IT IF YOU FEEL U NEED IT DO UR SELF A FAVOR AND BUY IT

    Kamisha. Warren
    United States United States


    My overall experience was great. I didn't realize how stress can really deeply influence your behavior. I feel youthful and clearer. I recommend this, for anyone; especially if you have depression or things just don't seem to make sense.❤️

    Naja B.
    United States United States

    This REALLY helped me get back on track

    After getting a reading from Sabree, she recommended that I’d get this kit so I can focus. I followed her advice from a previous reading, got the job that she saw me get, and bought this. I’m WAY less emotional and my mind is SO much clearer now! It helped me even connect to my spirits more; they guide me every night in my dreams and I’m extremely focused every day. Now I’m gearing up to get into grad school, make extra money, and I’m starting to plan out my ideal career. I’m more at peace since using this and more sure of myself �