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Reversible 7 Day Candle

This candle is good for sending back negative and bad energy. Send back blockages and obstacles to people that are sending you negative energy.

Take candle out of wrapper

Take oil out of the wrapper

Shake the oil before you use

Move the herbs away from the wick so that it doesn’t burn black.

Write what you are trying to manifest in a sheet of paper.

Please be realistic about what you are requesting.

Rub oil on the candle and make your request. Meditate on what you want to happen. Speak it into existence!

Place three drops of oil away from the wick and continue to speak what you want.

Place the seven day candle on top of your Piece of paper and say what you wish to manifest.

After 7 days throw away the candle that has burned out

Fold paper and walk around with it.

It’s a blacks art candle throw everything away



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    Francine L.
    United States


    Everything came wrapped and covered and protected so the herbs and oils don’t fall out. As soon as I opened it I can feel how strong it is. Lasted over 7 days and I when it was done one thing in PARTICULAR was open for me i thought it was shut for YEARS… thank you priestess Sabree �� I’m a forever customer

    Ledonia B.
    United States United States

    Powerful candle

    Things are changing in my life

    Lia L.
    United States United States

    Justice Served

    I lit this candle before attending an event where I knew I was being sent jealousy, the evil eye, and sickness. This candle worked so fast! Those people ended up getting everything back they were sending my way times 10 and we barely crossed paths. They were always directed away from me for the whole weekend. That was almost two months ago, and I still feel and see the effects of that candle. I recommend this candle to anyone that needs a quick spiritual defense with a big impact.

    Selena N.
    United States United States

    Evil eye sent back

    Been supporting the Three Hoodoo Sisyets for years. Kicked my sister and her husband out of my house and all of a sudden I started having problems in my life. Got a reading from the priestess and she told me it was evil eye coming from a relative. Got two of these candles and found out a few days ago my sister and her husband got arrested on some warrants. Two weeks after I finished burning the candles.

    Roanna P.
    United States United States


    I recently purchased the reversible candle after getting a reading done and I am not disappointed. Something about the candle and how it was prepared I have began to see and feel a difference in my life. I am thankful for Sabree and her gift and blessings and work for me.