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The Sweetest Fruit Attraction oil


This ATTRACTION ELIXIR brings the results that you want and need. Attracts and gets you faves from the opposite sex. A large 4 oz bottle that you can use in many different forms.



Love oils

****** please do a skin patch test before applying on skin*******


Spiritual love oils can be used in various ways. They are used to sweeten, attract, and enhance a loving feeling. A few drops can be placed in your bath water, rub it on your body in the shower, add a few drops in your lotion, adding a few drops behind your ear, wrist, breast, and even spray it around your aura. If you are going on dates, you apply a few drops to your body, and clothing.


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    Lia L.
    United States United States

    Extremely Potent!!

    I purchased my first bottle of Sweetest fruit oil towards the end of August 2020 and another bottle black Friday 2020. lol 1. It smells amazingggggg. 2. It came with detailed instructions for usage which is awesome. Priestess Sabree said what she said "You do not need much for it to work." It clearly should have come with a warning ⚠️ label too (wear at your on risk, do not wear around the opposite *** unless you want attention, period!). 3. It is potent, potent, potent!!! It is the most potent attraction oil I have ever wore. 4. I love everything about this oil, it enhances my divine feminine energy which was my intention. I am prone to have more divine masculine energy and I needed more of a balance. 5. Here are two examples of places not to wear it. (1.)In your home around children, put it on in the car. (I was getting ready to go out, and my friend and her son were visiting me. After I applied it, her son started talking to me non-stop about his tablet, his classwork, etc. This is a child that hardly ever talks when grown folks are hanging around. As a matter of fact, they were with me for 3 hours total, and he had no conversation for me until after I applied the oil.) (2.)To an older co-worker's birthday party where there is only a 50 and up guest list, you are under 40, and not looking for a sugar daddy. ‍♀️ I had senior men following me around offering me help with everything (fixing my plate), my drink, my dessert, etc.

    Yolonda C.
    United States United States

    You Are THE Truth

    Sabree I don't know what u put in here but babyyyyy it's EXTREMELY potent. I mixed a lil bit of Enchantment & Sweetest Fruit together. I put it on my wrists, neck, & plus behind my knees & ears. This man has been going NUTS for the last 5 days All I can do is sit back & giggle

    Cierra M.
    United States United States


    No words can describe, just buy it!

    Ashunta J.
    United States United States

    First of all!!!!!!!!

    Let me say this…I’ve had men looking at me before but this oil is on another level. As I’m walking up to go into stores random men are breaking there necks to open doors for me. Men are having whole conversations with their friends in public and will stop talking completely to stare me up and down & cat call me! No joke it’s like time stands still when I walk by after putting on this oil. It’s like they are under a spell and can’t snap out of it! An older gentleman asked me to be his girlfriend after only going on TWO DATES !! I told him no because whaaaat is happening right now?! This oil is potent and unlike any other come to me/attraction oil I’ve tried in my life. Don’t put this oil on around any male you don’t want giving you freak bedroom eyes chile !!!!!! A little definitely goes a long way

    Donna-Lee O.
    United States United States

    Sweetest Fruit

    Smells lovely. So I decided to use it at least 2 times thus far. 1st time I used it one of my co workers who barely speaks to anyone including getting permission from out supervisors for certain tasks started talking to me and the supervisors more. The second time is I wanted to change the learning atmosphere at work and got my mentor to be more forth coming about the job and willing to explain the job and lesson plan more. The smell is just lovely