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Many people come to me asking how they can learn more about Vodou or be initiated.  The process of Kanzo is a scared one and guarded by the Manbo's and Houghans in Haitian Vodou. There are many different reasons that you may be called to serve the lwa, many times I have noticed that it is a deep ancestral calling. Many people that come to me feel a connection with the LWA or the Mystical realm. If you feel called please schedule a lwa consultation here. Serving the lwa is an honor, and a life changing experience, but you must know what you are doing. YOU MUST BE CALLED TO SERVE THE LWA! You must have the best God Parents that will guide you and teach you how to properly practice. 

Kanzo is a scared act and should be taken very seriously. We perform the sacred ceremony once or twice a year.  It is the right of passage into Haitian Vodou. In my soseyte (spiritual house) you are welcome to attend dances or ceremonies that I may have open to the public. I have classes in my store location, that you are welcome to attend. WHAT IF I AM NOT CALLED TO PRACTICE VODOU? you are still welcome to participate in ceremonies that are open to the public. The lwa love those that love them. 

When you go through the initiation process you will come out with the love, discipline, and guidance of the lwa. What you do with Vodou is up to you. The relationship that you build with your LWA is up to you. You are required to do your best to show up and help in dances and ceremonies if you want to be a working priest of priestess. When the lwa see that you are loyal, they will bless your life tremdeslously. 

Being in haitianvodou is not a get rich or famous short cut. It is an initiation into the mysteries, the secrets, and the mystical experience of the Lwas, saints, and guides, and ancestors. This is not a short cut to happiness. We do not just make you a priestess of priestess because you want to be one, we do not sell ASSON in my sosete. You have to be called to it and the proper divination to see when you are ready. I worked for a very long time in the spiritual community before I was made a Manbo Aswogae. 

Your requirements when you become initiated

  • you are required to take the secrets of initiation to the grave with you. 
  • you serve all the nations and saints and Vodou 
  • you are required to attend a few dances and ceremonies every year 
  • You are required to attend the classes and learn about the rules in Vodou so that you may practice properly. 
  • learning Vodou takes time, and you will have to understand the culture of Haiti and the culture behind it.